Mantella VP

Our Process

Mantella Venture Partners does not follow the typical venture engagement process of meetings, pitches, and back office due diligence leading to an investment. MVP believes in engagement through involvement. Our typical process evolves through the following steps:

1. Evaluation through involvement. If we’re meeting regularly and speaking openly and strategically about your business, making introductions for you, and starting to feel like advisors, then you’re in our due diligence process.

2. Engage with your business. As our interest and involvement in your business increases, we will start working with you to progress your business through strategy sessions, product reviews, customer meetings, etc.

3. Invest to accelerate success. With confidence that we are on the right path, MVP invests up to $500,000 alone, or alongside other value-added venture and angel investors to accelerate success. MVP then continues to work with you to build your team and your business to a successful outcome.

What we’re looking for:

Exceptional Entrepreneurs

We’re looking for exceptional entrepreneurs with deep domain knowledge in the market they’re planning to alter. It’s our belief that the best company vision comes from a deep understanding of the market dynamics and the industry problem being targeted with a technology innovation. We’re looking for committed, confident leaders that work well in a team, know what they don’t know, and work tirelessly to learn and adapt.

Market Altering Software Innovation

MVP is looking for software innovations that drive or exploit dramatic changes in the structure of a market. We invest in businesses built on technology, not businesses that simply find efficiency through technology. Defensibility doesn’t have to come in the form of a patent portfolio, however we do look for it in data, network effect and domain expertise.

Capital-Efficient Business and Mindset

We look for opportunities that can be tested in-market within 6 months, and teams that can do this on a shoe-string. While we are open to all software innovation, we focus our energy on mobile and Internet software as we believe these have the best potential for efficiency.

How to reach us:

Referral – Like you, we run a lean operation. We spend so much time working with our portfolio companies, we don’t have time to read piles of unsolicited business plans. The best way to get our attention is to be referred to us by someone that knows us, and believes in you. Consider it just one of many business development challenges you have ahead of you.

Lob it in – If you can’t find a referral, but you passionately believe you have a great fit for MVP, email us an elevator pitch to  We believe strongly that you should be able to convey your value proposition in 2 minutes or less. And remember, without a referral, it may take us a while to get back to you.

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