Mantella VP

At Mantella Venture Partners we’re looking for great early stage teams solving hard problems with software in markets that excite us. If you feel you fit this mold and want to learn more about us and how we think, the following posts will give you background on our fund, our process and our principles.

mlogo About MVP

Mantella Venture Partners is a venture capital partnership formed to invest in exceptional entrepreneurs, building market-altering mobile and Internet software businesses. MVP invests up to $500,000 at inception, with the ability to support subsequent rounds as required. We invest alone, … Read More

mlogo Our Process

Mantella Venture Partners does not follow the typical venture engagement process of meetings, pitches, and back office due diligence leading to an investment. MVP believes in engagement through involvement. Our typical process evolves through the following steps: 1. Evaluation through … Read More

mlogo Globe and Mail Video: Venture fund brings West Coast style to Toronto office

Get a look inside MantellaVP in this short video interview done by Katherine Scarrow at The Globe And Mail. Read More

mlogo Success Requires Audacity

After failing to win a gold medal in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada became the only country to host multiple games without a winning a gold medal. ¬†Realizing a change was … Read More

mlogo Are you an Entrepreneur or a Hobbyist?

After all the craziness surrounding the PushLife exit to Google, Robin and I realized we missed celebrating the first anniversary of our fund on March 2nd. As we reflected on the past year, our conversation kept coming back to three cliché but powerful words. Three words that can make the difference between getting your business funded at a good valuation, and putting it back on the shelf. Read More